My Death Plan™

My Death Plan™ is a working document to gather your end-of-life plans in one place. Average Time Anticipated in Total: 3 hours.

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Rationale for completing this project. If we give the attention to our end-of-life plans the way we do for other milestone events—high school graduation, marriage, birth of a baby, birthday parties, anniversary parties, retirement—we would not only have our wishes known, it would be the biggest gift to our families as well.

My Death Plan™ is extensive. Download it below and fill it out. Then put it somewhere for your trusted people to access. Then every year, on your birthday, review it to make sure it is still want you want. Things DO change!

Let My Death Plan™ be a starting point for gathering essential information together for your person or yourself. It is for your Medical Power of Attorney and your family so they know how to complete your wishes when you are in your end of life time. If you do not do this, you may contribute to your loved ones feeling guilt and insecurity about choosing or guessing for you. Doing our own death preparation work empowers us not only in terms of having our own affairs in order but in encouraging others in completing theirs.

Answer the questions within My Death Plan™ as if you were expecting to die this month. Plan to spend 30 minute each time you work on it and see if that feels good to you (emotionally/mentally) as some people report that if they do much more than that at one time, they feel overwhelmed. So plan for six 30 minute sessions within the next 30 days or four 45 minute sessions or three 3 hour sessions. Plan to complete this as if you were planning any other important event.

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