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Personal End-of-Life Plan

[Class Time: 31:23] Deanna discusses the fundamentals of planning overall – from advance directives, body disposition, and pre-death vigil planning to post death vigil planning, and more. Thinking through all of the things that matter at the end of life is so important because if you have all this in place as you move into the dying time, it is not only the kindest thing you can do for your family, you will rest easier and things have the highest chance of going smoothly. And this gives your family the highest chance of having peaceful reflection of this time instead of remembering difficult situations that could have been avoided. Topics of discussion include: medical power of attorney, living will, durable power of attorney, body disposition, pre-death vigil, post-death vigil, OOHDNR, home funerals, and more. Get ready to learn the ins and outs of everything about your personal end of life planning and feel the relief of completing these crucial instructions.