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The Dying Body

[Class Time: 1:17:59] Most people think of the last few days of life when they think about serving people at the end of life. There is so much where you can be helpful here and it is very important that you are familiar with what is going on within the body of a dying person. If this is the time period where you really want to be, then you need to know what dying looks like and be very comfortable with it. You will be instrumental in helping them process what is happening as it is happening if they want this kind of support (and many people do). Families so often do not know what normal is as so many people have not seen natural death. Recognizing patterns of physical and psychological decline will not only cue you far sooner that additional support is needed but you will be able to prepare for what is coming. It will inform you of when death might be likely to happen, so you can get the family around (or whoever wants to be there). Some people want to know what is coming and some people don’t. Pay attention to what you are being asked. Give that and not much more. Too much information overwhelms people.