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About the CareDoula® Way

CareDoula Way is a subscription education service. We offer support to a person who is or would like to accompany the dying and their family in some form of professional or volunteer capacity. Anyone who is interested in making the dying time better is welcome!

You can learn all about our subscription plan and our features HERE.

The CareDoula Way is the premiere subscription-based educational service for anyone who wants to learn the art of accompanying people from the time period of ‘when-treatments-begin-to-stop-working’ through early bereavement.

Upon whom do we focus? Our focus is on the person who is inspired to serve the dying and their family/circle of care in any capacity. It is for people who want to know the ins and outs of end-of-life doula skills. It doesn’t matter what your background is, the art of end-of-life care is important to know. Whether you want to learn everything you can about end-of-life care or you are continuing in your end-of-life doula education or you want to create a unique part-time service, we have something to offer you here. Our aim is to equip people who are highly moved to serve people during this time.

Upon what do we focus? We bring topics that deepen:
1) the art of accompanying the dying from ‘when-treatments-begin-to-stop-working to early bereavement’
2) end-of-life literacy
3) care for ourselves as we care for others
4) creating a unique service
5) community education
6) special end-of-life topics

With an ever increasing library of classes, audios, and tools ranging from the art of the practice to creating your own unique service, Deanna shares her decade’s worth of knowledge and experience and helps people drawn to end of life feel competent, confident and nourished in the process.

The CareDoula® Way empowers people to be with dying more comfortably, regardless of what setting within which they find themselves. We specifically address the person who is helping the person who is dying and their caregiver–the person who is accompanying them–although we welcome everyone who wants to learn more about this very special and sacred time.

The CareDoula® Way is NOT a certification program. It is for people to learn from a trusted source and decide for themselves how they want to use end-of-life knowledge in their lives. That is why it is beneficial for the non-medical person as well as the seasoned healthcare provider.

A native of Washington, DC and longtime resident of Austin, Texas, Deanna Cochran is an internationally known, highly respected leader in end-of-life education and within the end-of-life doula movement. Through trial and error, she created a powerfully effective practice model–CareDoula®. Deanna’s mission is to help others succeed. For a history of her groundbreaking initiatives.

As long as you have a strong internet connection, the CareDoula Way is available anywhere on any device that you can access the internet.

Yes! You can give the CareDoula Way as a gift, just contact us at and ask us to set that up for you.

You can get started now Enroll Here.

You can unsubscribe by opening a recent email from us and clicking on the unsubscribe option at the bottom of the email.

More CareDoula Way Details

As long as you are a paying member, you have access to all classes, tools, videos, audios, LIVEs, Q&As. You will have access to any courses you have purchased from our CareDoula Store for life.

The nature of our service is that all of our digital content, tools and downloads are available instantly and is able to be consumed instantly. Therefore, we do not offer monthly subscriptions.

The CareDoula® 300 are the inaugural members of The CareDoula System (1st 300 people) who will receive special bonuses, privileges and gifts for life for joining us early. We will be adding to your benefits over time. Current CareDoula® 300 bonuses: 1) receive $300 savings instantly by enrolling during our beta release time period; 2) remain at the renewal rate of $197 for life regardless of current fees; 3) Participate in our time limited feature, “Just for You,” where you can request YOUR specific topic to be covered and Deanna will address your request asap (one per person); 4) receive significant savings on paid CareDoula courses, 5) You will be selected first for any outside limited seating events. 6) ..and more to come!

That’s right. Every class. lesson, tool, audio…anything!…we bring into the CareDoula Way learning center is included in your membership. Bonus: because you are a CareDoula member, you will also be offered exclusive invitations to events and significant savings for our paid courses. These will not be offered outside the membership.

Yes, there will be things available for download; and you will see a button for it if it is. Everything else must be viewed within the library.

Yes. There will be one Live Q & A session every single month with Deanna and/or Special Guests to answer your specific questions. All members are welcome. Deanna nor her guests give medical advice; all sessions are for education purposes and ‘food for thought’ only. Sessions are focused on professional concerns as well as personal concerns (of caregiving, dying, death and bereavement). We will also have ‘surprise’ sessions!

Every single month there will be new class material and new audios in Deanna’s Listening Library. And every month you will have a new LIVE Q & A session to attend and ask all of your questions! AND, you will have recordings of all LIVE replays.

Deanna has 100s of hours of timeless audio recordings from over 20+ years of sessions, conferences, classes and workshops. They are classics–wisdom handed down over decades from palliative physicians, hospice nurses, families, students … she has learned all she knows from everyone with whom she has ever worked and served. CareDoula Way also includes all aspects of developing a unique service and maintaining and scaling that service. Her proprietary method and materials have set the standard for the end-of-life doula movement since the mid 2000s. She has been training trailblazers since 2010 using this system, which she brings here through the listening library.

Members are first to receive any invitations to outside CareDoula events and also receive significant savings on events, courses and workshops offered through our CareDoula Store.

There are no refunds. The CareDoula System is a library of digital products which can be easily accessed and consumed immediately and cannot be returned. You may transfer your membership to a friend. Just contact us and we will arrange it.

We will notify you 2 times prior to the next automatic renewal payment, once 1 month prior to renewal and again 2 weeks prior to renewal. You will see clearly in your renewal email how to cancel your subscription and unsubscribe. Also, you will see all year long how you may opt out of renewal in your membership area. If you decide to stay with us, you don’t have to do anything, your access will be renewed automatically. And, as a CareDoula® 300 Inaugural Member, your renewal rate will NEVER increase!