“Working with you has helped me align with what feels right to me; validation from someone with your knowledge and experience in this field has changed me forever. I now know 100% what my purpose is.”

— Tiffany Anne Rauch

What’s Included

Course: CareDoula® Bootcamp

For the person who would like to serve in their community, our 30-day, step-by-step process will teach you the most important things to know and do to structure your own unique end-of-life service.

plus all you see below

In addition to our signature course, ‘CareDoula Bootcamp’ are bonus classes to teach you about the various aspects of accompanying the dying, as well as what to know and do from the time period of ‘when-treatments-begin-to-stop-working.’

There are so many angles to end-of-life care and so much to understand. Especially if you are the ‘go-to’ person in your circle of family and friends, these classes are priceless.

Designed to keep content relevant and bring you more topics you want.

You have an entire year of access to our full library of classes, videos, audios, tools, downloads and replays of all prior and current LIVE sessions.

One of the most appreciated things people love about Deanna is the way she explains the elements of the pre-hospice and the dying time period–her rationale and reasonings behind the things she suggests to do. She has 100s of hours of audio from almost 20 years of teaching families, volunteers and professionals within healthcare and outside of it. She brings her timeless teachings every single month and will not stop until all of them are here (along with new material too)!

Each month Deanna will host a LIVE Q & A session dedicated to people who want to increase their understanding and skills to help people during the end-of-life time and are exploring their own personal journey with dying, illness, caregiving or grief. These sessions are recorded. We will also offer additional surprise sessions with Special Guests!

Members receive significant discounts to any events, courses or workshops that are in the CareDoula Store.

Deanna has created 2 proprietary tools to help you figure out the financial aspects of providing professional services. One is our ‘Session Rate Calculator,’ which helps you develop your pricing and packages. The other is our ‘Cost of Doing Business Calculator,’ which helps you figure out exactly how much actual time, energy and money you are spending on your service. This is critical information to know.

For a limited time, tell us what you want to learn next and we will do our best to get it for you asap!

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“I so appreciate the chance to be present on your calls and to listen. You’re such a teacher! I love that you speak from your own experience, that you welcome any and every question, that you somehow ‘hold space’ for where every person is at. And I love that you speak easily, from a deep place of integrity and that you allow your amusement free reign!”  – Nancy

“…Deanna’s years of experience allows her to speak very clearly and easily about how to serve at the end-of-life and the types of things we need to work through to be good companions. She taught me a lot about reorienting myself as an instrument for the person I’m serving. I think it’s really brilliant how she’s able to do that.” – Dustin

“My knowledge base has grown so much! Deanna helps us to see what skillset we have already and how we can use that to create our own end-of-life service offer. I’m so grateful for her helping me focus and hone in my skills and not be afraid.” – Pamela

The Results

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

[Plus ‘Surprise’ Special Guest Teachers Along the Way]


How to Have True Confidence

We take you into years of Deanna’s timeless mentoring sessions with real people dealing with real issues, and teach you everything you need to know about how to master your imposter syndrome, your insecurities, and your skills.

How to Get Out of Your Own Way

We know that half the battle of being there for others at such a crucial time is dispelling myths and shaking out fears that may have been ingrained over your entire lifetime. Really seeing the value of the precious gift of presence and witness will crack the imposter code.

How to Build a Service

We walk you through the ins and outs of the micros decisions you need to make if you are going to create an end-of-life service. Classes will offer how to build and price packages, promoting your service, serving clients, networking, social media, and more.

Class is in session…


“You have put together a well thought out series of classes that is filled with both thought provoking material and also with information that enhances people’s personal growth. It isn’t often that happens.” ~Dayle


 “…Deanna is warm, she’s funny …  she makes this very difficult subject matter understandable and teaches that we don’t walk into situations with a task list but intuitively and with humility–with our way to practicing humility.” ~ Andrea

The Investment

Year-long Access to the CareDoula® Bootcamp Course
Everything you need to create your EOL service!

12+ Classes 
(each valued at $47)

New classes monthly
(each valued at $47)

Access to our Learning Library of hours of audios
and videos to take your learning to a new level

Downloadable Guides & Workbooks
(valued at $97)

Limited Time: Personal Question = Personal Answer
‘Just For You’

Monthly Zoom calls so you will
never be alone in the process!

1 payment of 497 197

“I hit the jackpot when I chose you to learn from; what you’re offering … it’s an absolute blessing!”

 - Becky, Course Student

How It Works

NO. 01

Dive in at Your Own Pace

Get comfy, grab your favorite snack, and explore our online treasure trove covering everything from sitting by the bedside to client advocacy. Learn whenever suits you best, and soak up the knowledge at your own speed.

NO. 02

Roll up your Sleeves

Now, it’s time to explore! Take what you’ve learned and put it into action. Step out into new ways of serving, set up your own little service (just in case) and start letting people know in your circles you are here to help! The more you learn and put into practice and follow the roadmap we set out for you, the better you’ll feel.

NO. 03

Watch Your Confidence Grow!

From being more equipped to handle your own family and circle of friends to delivering exceptional service in your community with your own end-of-life offer, get ready to witness your growth and be a part of reducing suffering during the dying time in your area!


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Want professionally developed handouts to take to your local hospices and community organizations about the new role of end-of-life doula? And how about professionally crafted presentation templates for your talks? Enroll now and gain immediate access to tools to get you out there!

Let’s Do This —>



Know exactly what to do
and how to care for yourself
as you care for others during
this very sensitive time.


Have a clear actionable plan in
place for your own unique service
offerings if you are inspired.


Know how to get the word out
that you are available to help your
greater community.


Feel more confident about your skills
and abilities to help your own
family and friends.


Be clear on if you want to serve
others on a higher level, and if so,
how you want to do that.


Be able to clearly articulate
what you do and who you
do it for on demand confidently.

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1 payment of 497 197

Gain instant access to our handouts and presentation templates and recordings of hours of audios and videos!


CareDoula® has changed thousands of our members lives and we know it can change yours. We are so excited for you to experience the impact you have dreamed of–reducing suffering, bringing comfort, finding solutions–and waking up every day *excited* about this thing you’re building. The roadmap is here and ready for you.