Since 2005, we’ve been providing information, resources and
support to reduce suffering during serious illness
and the end-of-life time period.

Who We Help

We help people and their families who are facing serious illness and the end-of-life time period. We also support and train professionals who are dedicated to reducing suffering at the end of life. We have a special desire to support the people who are just outside the immediate circle of someone who is dying, people who often feel they have no place and are at a loss of what to do at this time.

What We Do

We provide classes, awareness training, education for people affected by the dying of someone they know and love. We also help end-of-life activists create pathways for their communities to have access to palliative care as well as end-of-life care. All of our education programs aim to guide you to have a solid foundation of end-of-life awareness, tools and self-care practices to deal with the dying time as a family member, friend or professional. Our programs aim to minimize paralyzing insecurity, lack of knowledge, anxiety, and stress.  

Our Philosophy

Living and dying is a sacred rhythm of life and death is for certain. The dying time deserves the respect and loving attention as does the birthing time. We add to the collective wisdom of the ages in accompanying the dying. We are committed to bringing peace and possibilities at the end of life where we are able. We share all we can so as many as possible may learn for themselves their perfect balance between knowledge and the art of accompanying our own dying, self-care, bedside tools, advocacy, practical tools, and loving support of each other as we all walk this path when it’s our time.

Our Story (as told by Deanna Flores Cochran, RN, CareDoula Education Founder)

Part 1: Solve a Problem
It all started back in 2005 when I cared for my mother during her dying time. I had been a hospice RN for years before that and the biggest thing that brought me the most pain was the fact that many people often suffered terribly before they came to hospice. It was striking how their symptoms would be relieved so quickly, often within 24 hours of beginning service, so it appeared I was witnessing “miracles.” But they weren’t miracles at all; I was seeing the science and mastery of therapies, protocols and medicines that treat devastating symptoms of illness and the treatments for that illness. It was brutal to me that you had to be dying to receive this care (palliative care). My mother did not want hospice and I knew she still deserved and could have this same care. Her medical team was agreeable to forming our own “palliative care” team. Afterwards, I formed Quality of Life Care, LLC, home to CareDoula Education, for the purpose of reducing suffering during serious illness and the end of life. I am dedicated to everyone having the smooth illness and dying experience my mother had.

Part 2: Ahead of the Curve
I didn’t realize there was an initiative started within the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, the oldest and largest trade organization in the US (over 6000 member hospices and palliative care organizations) in early 2000s. It was called, “It’s About How You Live,” funded by the Robert Wood Johnson foundation. I found out about it at a conference and the initiative was about educating people that they could have palliative care and not have to be dying to get it. I have worked very hard since then to let as many people know about this as possible. I have been in the forefront of a service movement (end-of-life doula role) and I teach heavily about this advocacy as most people are doing most of their dying outside of hospice service (for a variety of reasons). Over time, in meeting with other end-of-life leaders, creating platforms for unity, and developing many initiatives, I have been part of a worldwide phenomenon of a brand new role that is changing the face of dying–that is the creation of the professional and volunteer role of the end-of-life doula. It has been my great honor to be a founding member of the National End-of-Life Doula Alliance and to have served as 1st Chair of the End-of-Life Doula Advisory Council (within the NHPCO) for our first 2.5 years. I’ve come full circle and am now focusing on the family again, as I did when I began over 25 years ago.

Part 3: Education Focus
Spending all my time in public service and leadership was exactly what needed to happen for all those years. I focused strongly on empowering end of life advocates and in providing public education. These trailblazers are out there changing the world; it has been the best use of my time to guide them so that more people can be served well at the end of life. In 2019, my #1 Amazon bestseller in 3 categories, ‘Accompanying the Dying,’  was published and it is now the ‘go-to’ for end-of-life advocates. It is now published in Spanish and is a tool for unity in Latin America as the doula concept spreads. My joy is in guiding people to take the next right baby step. It doesn’t matter how either, because being present with just our own circles is changing the face of dying in our communities. End-of-life doulas are now positioned perfectly, advocating and caring for people, as well as helping hospices and healthcare agencies. Now is the time for me to focus more on the family/friend circle directly and provide guidance for professionals who are serving within the end of life, as well as those interested in doing so.

End-of-Life Spotlight™ is your homebase for self-study and monthly LIVE Q&A sessions with me; one session devoted to families, and one session devoted to professionals. See you on the inside!

Our Initiatives

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Our Founder & Team

We’re a small family-run business with a fully remote, cross-functional team of six people, led by CareDoula Education Founder, Deanna Cochran, RN.

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